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How do I know this isn't a scam? Do you have referrals?

We know that trusting someone with your brand can be overwhelming; especially with so many scams going around. We assure you that we are a real company with actual people who are here to share in the passion of growing your brand. Excellent referrals are available upon request!

How does your fee structure work?

Instead of charging an overhead fee, we request a wholesale price slightly lower than what you currently offer. The difference is what we use towards our marketing and social media efforts. Therefore, our services will be an added bonus and essentially will not cost you extra. With a higher volume of wholesale, you will find that your profits will increase over time!

Does this mean you have rights to my brand?

No, we don’t have any rights to your brand. We do, however, ask for an exclusive distribution contract.

What kind of sales increase are we talking about here....?

Our estimated sales growth is calculated on a specific case-by-case basis. Just as every brand is unique, our sales approach and aggressiveness in campaigning is tailored to the needs of each individual brand. However,  it is typical of our brands to see an increase of up to 400% in monthly sales!

Who handles the listings?

We do! No more dealing with the hassles of Amazon! We handle everything Amazon-related; including, but not limited to, sales, inventory management, returns, product questions and customer complaints.

What does ``social media management`` include?

We’ve got it all covered! Whether we’re creating new pages on social media platforms or supervising current pages to increase followers, we’re constantly adding relevant content and managing the perpetual flow of messages and requests from followers. We also collaborate with “influencers” to maximize your brand’s potential.

Do you create new accounts or keep my current ones?

Whenever possible, it is preferred to keep any existing accounts or listings that are currently available. We don’t want to completely change your brand; we simply want to enhance it!

Are you staffed to develop creative images or other meaningful content?

We sure are! From our Creative Director to our Digital Marketing Director, we’re full of potential and creative ideas and are just waiting for the opportunity to show you our work!